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We are here to provide a simple and professional approach to advising you with expert advice when it comes to protecting what matters in your life. weather it be protecting your family, legacy or health our friendly team of experts are on call to find the best package suited to your needs.

Life Insurance


Mis Sold Pension

Recover your transfered self invested pension pot back into the UK regulated by the FCA plus be entitled for compensation of up to £50,000.

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About life insurance

Life insurance is unique, unlike any other insurance policy you have. your car insurance only covers you for something that could possibly never happen. The same goes for building insurance, unlike these policies with life insurance the inevitable is going to happen! BUT by having life insurance policies you and your family can receive peace of mind knowing that your loved one’s will be financially looked after when the worst comes to happen.

Protect your home

Leave a legacy

Protect your family

Types of life insurance cover

Level term cover

This gives you cover for a fixed price to a fixed time period. if you pass away during this time frame the policy will pay out a tax free lump sum. ideally this insurance is for ensuring your loved ones can continue with their current life style or pay of an interest only mortgage.

Decreasing term

Cover (mortgage protection) – this is also known as a mortgage protection policy. this is for if your financial commitments will reduce over time. a clear example of this circumstance is someone repaying a mortgage or loan, that will naturally decrease over a defined timescale.

Miss sold self invested pension

Recover your transfered self invested pension pot back into the UK regulated by the FCA plus be entitled for compensation of up to £50,000
As a trusted claims management company serving the UK, Sterling Finance Group can help you with your compensation claims for mis-sold SIPPs, pensions and investments. As a well-established business, you can rely on our knowledgeable staff to provide a simple and quality service.

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Rely on us to take the stress out of your miss sold SIPP's case

If you are worried that you have been mis-sold your pension, on the back of the advice from an IFA within the last 6 years then our dedicated team at Sterling Finance Group are happy to help. These scams happen all too often and have become more sophisticated in recent years. Throughout the UK, with the average compensation payment of £50,000 raising to around £85,000 in 2019 to recompensate thousands of people like your selfs who are entitled to SIPP claims and our professional team is here to help you. 

We can help you find out where your money was invested

There are many reasons why you could have fallen victim to a mis-sold pension and these include:

You were not informed of terms and conditions

An inexperienced financial adviser

A cold call encouraged you to transfer pension

You were told the scheme was ‘low risk’

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