Life Insurance

We are here to provide a simple and professional approach to advising you with expert advice when it comes to protecting what matters in your life. weather it be protecting your family, legacy or health our friendly team of experts are on call to find the best package suited to your needs. 

About life insurance 

Life insurance is unique, unlike any other insurance policy you have. your car insurance only covers you for something that could possibly never happen. The same goes for building insurance, unlike these policies with life insurance the inevitable is going to happen! BUT by having life insurance policies you and your family can receive peace of mind knowing that your loved one’s will be financially looked after when the worst comes to happen.

Reasons to cover yourself for life insurance

  • Protect your home
  • New Born
  • Leave a legacy
  • Cover funeral cost, average funeral £3000
  • Protect your family
  • Safe guard your income, in case you became sick or unable to work
  • Support during illness
  • Cover personal debt
  • Pay future inheritance tax

Types of life insurance cover

Level term cover – this gives you cover for a fixed price to a fixed time period. if you pass away during this time frame the policy will pay out a tax free lump sum. ideally this insurance is for ensuring your loved ones can continue with their current life style or pay of an interest only mortgage.

Decreasing term cover(mortgage protection) – this is also known as a mortgage protection policy. this is for if your financial commitments will reduce over time. a clear example of this circumstance is someone repaying a mortgage or loan, that will naturally decrease over a defined timescale.  

Non medical over 50’s plan

Private medical insurance 

Critical illness

Children critical illness cover