Products for all circumstances

We offer two products that will fit perfectly to your circumstances. These are Employed life cover with £10,000 life insurance and Accidental Death offering £3,000 cover.

 Fixed premium 

The policy is a fixed monthly premium which is never increased with tax or inflation throughout the term. 

 10 year term

Unlike other Life Cover policies, ours is only a term of 10 years so you wouldn’t have to pay in as long

 Full refund

If you go the whole term of policy with no claims then you would be entitled for a full Tax Free refund.

 No medical checks

You are guaranteed to be accepted for your plan as we have no requirements for medical checks.

Accidental Death Policy

  • £3,000 Accidental death
  • 10 year term
  • £3,000 Refund at year 10 (if no claims made)
  • £25 per month
  • No medical checks 
  • Guaranteed acceptance                                            

Employed Life policy

  • £10,000 Life insurance
  • 10 Year term
  • £3,000 refund at year 10 (if no claims)
  • £25 per month
  • No medical checks
  • Guaranteed acceptance

Why Choose Us?

£3,000 tax free refund for not claiming ✔️

£10,000 Lump sum payout ✔️

Quick and easy application process✔️

Security for your family ✔️

No cancellation fee’s ✔️

No Hassle Online Application

Are you aged 18 - 60? YesNo

Have you ever suffered from a serious illness? YesNo

(for example: Cancer, heart attack, class 1 diabetes, stroke, dementia, mental illness)

Are you employed? YesNo

Have you worked outside the EU/USA in the last 2 years? YesNo